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Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris delayed until November 27

Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris will not release on November 13 as planned.



Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris were originally supposed to release on November 13, but they have now been delayed. This means that they won’t be added to Beyond Light until later.

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light came out earlier this week and it has proven to be quite ambitious. It has brought forth a lot of exciting new content, and has also shown the surprise return of some old Destiny staples. However this expansion didn’t arrive without bringing a few issues with it.

Earlier Bungie had announced on Twitter that the Trials of Osiris crucible event would arrive in a few weeks. Now a turn of events has lead to the arrival being delayed from today. Bungie has stated that the Trials will not be arriving to Destiny 2 on November 13 as scheduled. Instead, the updates have led to them pushing back the release date to the end of the month.

Bungie support issued the following message: “Due to a recently discovered issue, Trials of Osiris will not be available until the weekend of November 27, 2020.”

The Trials Of Osiris are facing unknown issues that have caused them to be delayed.

The Trials of Osiris would usually take place between Friday and Tuesday. Players would take part in elimination games in the hopes of winning some high tier loot such as weapons and armor. The launch of the Beyond Light expansion brought new changes to the trials. These include a boosted power level requirement, along with new Adept Weapons and mods to flawless chest rewards.

The developers announced these changes in the following statement:

Beginning in Beyond Light, all existing Trials weapons have Adept versions. Our intent is for all new Trials weapons to have an Adept version in the future, with their infusion caps matching the Season they were introduced in. For our first round of Adepts, their infusion caps will be set to that of Season of the Worthy. Additionally, we will be introducing Adept weapon mods into the sandbox in Beyond Light, which can only be applied to Adept weaponry.”

The exact problem that caused the delay is unknown at the moment, but the game has suffered many new glitches since the expansion went live. Players everywhere have found several exploits that they posted about online, although thankfully Bungie reacted quickly and deployed patches to fix these problems.

Destiny fans who were eagerly awaiting these trials will have to wait for a bit longer, but there is still a lot of interesting content to explore in Beyond Light. A lot has yet to be revealed so stay tuned!