How to add friends on PS5

Confused about how to add friends on your PlayStation 5? Don’t worry, we were too. Here’s how.

The PlayStation 5 is getting into the hands of more players each day, and many are turning on their brand new systems to find a not-so-familiar interface.

When we first set up our PlayStation 5, we were impressed by the new home screen and the variety of settings. Unfortunately, we were among the masses of players confused about how to add friends. We were expecting to find a simple “Add Friend” button or even a “Friends list” area but were surprised that this wasn’t the case.

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The PlayStation 5 instead uses a new interface called the “Game Base” and navigating it is as confusing as ever for new users. So to save you some time, here’s how you can add more friends on the PS5.

  • 1. Press the PlayStation button on your controller.
  • 2. Navigate to the Game Base area on the hotbar and select it.
  • 3. Hit the options button.
  • 4. Select “Go to Game Base”
  • 5. Switch to the “Search Tab”
  • 6. Search for your friend’s PSN ID.
  • 7. Select their profile when you find it.
  • 8. Hit the “Add Friend” button on their profile.

There you have it! You can now add friends on PS5. It’s a surprisingly complicated process across multiple menus, which is abnormal for a game system. Hopefully, Sony changes this in a future update to the console.

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Please note if you cannot add a friend, they may have a privacy setting blocking the ability for players to add them, which means they’ll have to toggle off the setting or add you instead.