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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

CoD site accidentally confirms Outbreak Zombies mode for Cold War & Warzone Season 2

Call of Duty has accidentally leaked the rumored ‘Outbreak’ open-world Zombies mode, making it all the more likely we’ll see it in Season 2.



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Call of Duty developers have accidentally leaked the rumored ‘Outbreak’ Zombies mode ahead of Black Ops Cold War x Warzone Season 2.

Black Ops Cold War’s integration with the Warzone and Modern Warfare universe is expected to go a step further in Season 2 which begins on February 25.

Following a series of teasers, the Call of Duty website posted an advertisement for an upcoming Zombies mode: Outbreak. The ‘watch trailer’ button didn’t work, and the post was soon taken down, confirming it was accidentally leaked.

Outbreak has already been rumored to be coming to Black Ops Cold War. If these rumors are to be believed, this will be a large-scale PvE mode in “Treyarch style” played on a Fireteam map.

If you didn’t know, all Fireteam maps take place in the Ural Mountains, which is also believed to be the next Warzone map. It’s unknown if this Fireteam map will be an existing one or an entirely new area created specifically for Zombies.

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Fans are expecting Zombies to head to the Ural Mountains, and the accidentally leaked Outbreak mode combined with teasers posted by Treyarch all-but confirm this.

On February 17, Treyarch tweeted a gif of a teleporter, with a large room with chandeliers on the other side. The text accompanying the post says: “Breach scale: Large. Status: 0% contained.”

This text can be found in Firebase Z regarding the Ural Mountains, making it highly likely that Treyarch were teasing Outbreak for Season 2 here.

To further add to this speculation, the Firebase Z Easter Egg cinematic discusses the Ural Mountains. Ravenov tells Maxis: “there is an operation underway in the Ural Mountains. I have to stay in the field.”

With Treyarch hinting that Zombies is heading to Ural Mountains and ‘Outbreak’ being accidentally leaked, it’s highly likely that we’ll see this new large-scale Zombies mode in Season 2.

If Warzone does end up also going to the Ural Mountains, it will be interesting to see how Activision and Treyarch merge these two stories.

Image Credit: Treyarch / CODTracker