Treyarch teases a fashion designer ‘Narcis Draviniski,’ a movie ‘Tidal Vortex’ for Black Ops 3

Keshav Bhat

UPDATE: Treyarch has now teased a Tidal Vortex movie, which broke records within the game. 

Ridley Ransom’s “Tidal Vortex” remained at the top of the box office for the second consecutive week, posting a $103M three day total and increasing its total haul to a staggering $309M ($471M worldwide). Sasaki International Pictures executives must be giddy about the financial windfall this third entry in the action-adventure series has generated to date.

In line with last week’s teasers, Treyarch has posted another teaser about the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 campaign mode. Today’s teaser is about a fashion designer who is Croatia’s Count of Couture, Narcis Dravinski.

He’s released a brand new collection called the Elabor8 MZFIT.

After curating some of the most spectacular venues in recent memory – who could forget the glacial crystals of the bamboo forest, or the holographic tomb of Cleopatra? – Narcis Dravinski, the Croatian Count of Couture, has produced an indulgent new fall fashion series.

His new “Elabor8 MZFIT” collection is a whirlwind of over-the-top ornamentation and decadent detail, a career-defining miracle of modernity. Dravinksi’s mix of robotic-chic and Antebellum punk incorporates shiny wearables with traditional leathers and decorative chiffon.

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SOURCE: Call of Duty