New weapon tuning/specialist tuning update for the BO3 Beta now live on Xbox One

Keshav Bhat

Treyarch has just released a new update for the Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One, and the update includes weapon changes and specialist tuning. Vonderhaar has stated that these changes were also made to the PS4 beta when the beta was live last week.


  • Increased time in between bursts –
  • Has a slightly increased upward recoil pattern –


  • Increased Recoil
  • Fire rate is a little faster
  • Hitting an enemy in the upper chest no longer 1-hit kills. Neck up does 1-hit kill


  • Used to kill in 4 shots out to 1250 units, now should only kill in 4 shots out to 800. Anything beyond 800 should take 5 shots to kill. 850 units is roughly the length of the bridge on Hunted.
  • Slightly increased recoil


  • Hip spread size is a little smaller.


  • Used to kill in 4 shots out to 350 units, now should only kill in 4 shots out to 300. Anything beyond 300 units will be at least 5 shots to kill.


  • Fire rate has increased by about 10%. Should be noticeable. Should take roughly 2.25 seconds to empty a standard magazine.


  • Up close damage increased. Should never cause a non-lethal hit within 250 units. Damage at a further distance has been reduced and can’t 1 hit kill as far out, even when ADS.


  • Delay between bursts has been reduced by a frame, very slight change.

Kinetic Armor

  • Lasts 7 seconds now instead of 5

Active Camo

  • Lasts 5 seconds now instead of 4


  • Takes 2 full minutes to earn with no score, up from 1.5 minutes.
  • Travels back 700 units, down from 800

Vision Pulse

  • Range is 1400 units, down from 1600


  • Takes 2 full minutes to earn with no score, down from 3 minutes.
  • Lasts for 20 seconds if no attacks are made, up from 15 seconds.


  • Beam has a slightly smaller width. Have to be more on target to hit enemies
  • Time in deathcam after being killed is now 2.5 seconds, down from 3

Speed Burst

  • Stays on when moving at full speed after activating for 5.5 seconds, up from 5

War Machine

  • Clip size is now 6, down from 8
  • Explosion radius damage is slightly reduced


  • Takes 3 full minutes to earn with no score, down from 2 minutes.
  • The animation time to get up from the Rejack has been increased from 1 second to 1.5 seconds.

SOURCE: Reddit

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