New details on WWII Ranked Play Season 2: Level Playing Field, XP Reward, Party Size

In the latest update post on Reddit, Michael Condrey has shared some new details regarding Ranked Play Season 2 for Call of Duty: WWII. As previously announced, Ranked Play Season 2 will begin on February 1.

Based upon data and feedback from Season 1, Condrey says Ranked Play Season 2 will start off with an even playing field for all — meaning all Ranked Play stats are being reset. The idea behind this is that many players felt cheated out of a proper rank because some wins were being counted as a loss, and this reset will also not allow cheaters that exploited certain glitches from having an advantages.

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We’ve taken all of the Season One data, and feedback, to heart. Season Two, with a host of improvements, will begin on Feb 1 as a level playing field for all. Everyone will have the opportunity to play their Season Two placement matches again. This will reset anyone who cheated during Season One, or felt their initial tier was impacted by placement bugs.

In addition, staring with Season 2, players will be able to earn XP while playing Ranked Play.

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Finally, in regards to party size, Ranked Play Season 2 will start off with a party size limit of 2 players. Condrey says SHG is still evaluating all of the factors with 4 player parties.

And we’re looking for the right way to bring 4player parties during Season Two. (This is harder to get right than it seems – the last thing we want is for 4p teams to stomp non-partied teams into the dirt in Ranked, or have incredibly long waits to be matched against other 4p teams. Game Battles is a great way for 4p teams to compete against other full teams for bragging rights, in the mean time).

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SOURCE: Reddit

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