New details on Black Ops 3’s taunts and gesture feature revealed

As Vahn teased in an image earlier this week, Black Ops 3 player customization will offer players to pick taunts and gestures for specialists.

In today’s BO3Fridays live stream, Vonderhaar shared some more details about this new feature:

  • They have “really interesting” long term plans for taunts and gestures
  • Part of customization, you can decide how your player reacts…true taunt thing or even “Good Game” type stuff
  • If you are in winner spot, like #1 player on winning team, you can actually activate your chosen taunt selected
  • The guy who is #1 player on winning team – their specialist gets a special taunt..extension of personality. Custom line and custom taunt. Once done with taunt, specialist can do gesture.
  • More of a social feature for players

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