How to counter Firebreak’s Reactor Core in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Here are the most efficient ways to counter Firebreak’s pesky Reactor Core in Black Ops 4 multiplayer.

While Firebreak’s weaponry, Purifier, can be easily avoided, this specialist’s strong suit is his fast to charge equipment, Reactor Core. Not only does it deal damage over time to players in the surrounding area, it actually buffs the user as well. The caveat is that if Firebreak uses this equipment for too long, he begins to damage himself and WILL eventually die, however even the most casual players can easily avoid that.

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To get out of these sticky situations, popular Youtuber, Drift0r, has come up with the fastest ways to shut this pyro down as efficiently as possible.

Before you even get your sights on Firebreak, the best defensive tactic is to have the perk, Tactical Mask, equipped which provides significant damage resistance from the core’s effects.

This perk grants increased resistance to Black Ops 4’s deadliest equipment.

Drift0r goes on to explain that while Firebreak is in the crouched Reactor Core state, he has effectively 600HP, four times the normal player health, so shooting at him with an ordinary rifle by yourself is not very effective. Headshots do slightly more damage, but just a negligible amount.

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When you spot a Firebreak with a Reactor Core, the best way to disable him would be either a Concussion Grenade, Seeker Mine, or 9 Bang. Any of these will stun Firebreak, freeing up his hands and making him much easier to kill.

Drift0r also points out that any lethal specialists weaponry like the War Machine, Annihilator, and Purifier, will work here and could take Firebreak down in one shot.

While these may take a while to charge up, the more frequent Combat Axe, as well as Combat Knife, will also get the job down with one swift motion.

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This thing is no joke. Will insta-kill any enemy it makes contact with.

With all that said, Drift0r lands on the melee as the best method to take down a Firebreak with Reactor Core.

Two melee hits will end this beasts reign of terror every time. Be sure to come to this decision quickly, because if you hesitate while on fire, you may not have the time to execute both melees and still come out alive.

If you would like more details on how and why these tactics work, as well as some other less effective approaches, check out Drift0r’s full video below:

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