‘Hot Pursuit’ mode returns to Blackout on April 23 in Black Ops 4

When Operation Grand Heist began in Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the highlight mode of the season was Hot Pursuit in Blackout. Featured in most of the marketing and trailers, this spin on the Down, But Not Out limited time mode quickly became a fan favorite.

Recently Treyarch has started to add, or remove, featured limited time modes from Blackout playlists with no warning. Most recently on April 19 we saw the removal of Hot Pursuit and the addition of Hardcore Quads with zero heads-up. This left fans of the vehicle-centric mode a little displeased.

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However, on April 22, Treyarch went to Reddit to reassure players that Hot Pursuit will make a return tomorrow!

Hot Pursuit will be back tomorrow! We brought back Hardcore Blackout for fans of the mode and to give new players a chance to try it out during Free Access this month, and we’ll continue to keep Blackout fresh with rotating LTMs in addition to the core playlists.

As a reminder, Blackout will continue to be free-to-play on all platforms for the remainder of April.

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Operation Grand Heist is planned to end on April 30th for PS4 players, so make sure to rank up tiers and unlock the Rampage and Switchblade weapons before they’re tossed in the Reserves.

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