Ghosts MP: ‘Create-A-Solider’, 7 new game modes, 30 new weapons, new weapon class, and new perks

Keshav Bhat

Infinity Ward has revealed their new system for customization called Create a Solider. With this system you have the ability to customize your character, your loadout, your perks, and so much more. For your loadouts, you get 8 points to chose for perks only. Kill streaks and attachments don’t count towards the points. Primary weapons, secondary weapons, lethal, and tactical have their own point limits.

There’s also ‘Squad Points’ coming in Ghosts MP, which determines what you can unlock when. You chose what attachments, guns, perks, etc. you want to unlock. If you have enough Squad Points you can unlock whichever ones you want at anytime.

There will be 7 new game modes:

  • Cranked – similar to TDM with a faster face – when you get a kill you get fast movement  but with a countdown timer. You’ll explode if you don’t finish before the clock.
  • Infected
  • Search and Rescue – take on SnD – when you’re killed you can get revived if you die.
  • Grind
  • Blitz

New weapon class called Marksmen Rifles – sniper/AR mixed class. Brand new dual scope system. New sound. New feeling.

They’ve also brought over 30 new weapons to the game. Check out the images below for more info.

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