Gamereactor Friday Nights: Extinction tournament on Friday 13th December, prizes to be won (UK)


Gamereactor, Europe’s largest video game magazine is launching Gamereactor Friday Nights, a new ongoing tournament series where players compete for prizes.

To kick off the series, Xbox One Call of Duty: Ghosts players based in the UK have the opportunity to take part in an Extinction tournament on Friday 13th December from 4pm GMT. Turtle Beach headsets are up for grabs for those who win.

Gamereactor mention that Friday Nights will allow players to take part ‘across the world’ so we would expect other countries will be involved in the coming weeks – initially the first event is UK only.

The UK joins Gamereactor Friday Nights this Friday, December 13th from 4pm GMT – for a two-hour clash on Xbox One’s Call of Duty: Ghosts as players come together to take out the alien hordes in the game’s Extinction mode, and everyone’s invited.

We’ll be playing a series of online games in Extinction mode over the course of the event, and asking you to come join our teams. We’ll be rotating players over the course of the tournament, and those posting the highest score of their game will walk away with a Turtle Beach headset.

All you got to do is send a Friends Request to ‘GRFridayNights’ on Xbox One, and ping an email detailing your name and Gamertag – as well as the name and date of the event in the subject line – to [email protected] before 4pm GMT this Friday.

We’ll select gamers at random to come join us on the battlefield and get through as many games as possible before the event ends. The four players with the highest scores playing with us over the event will win a Turtle Beach headset each.

If you want to take part, head over the the official Gamereactor Friday Nights Facebook page where you’ll find full instructions for taking part. Additionally the entire event will be live streamed via GamereactorTV.

Source: Gamereactor