Complete list of every reactive camo currently available in Black Ops 4

Tommi Turunen

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 includes a plethora of reactive camos which change as you gain kills or other achievement during Blackout or Multiplayer matches.

Black Ops 4’s Black Market and Contraband tiers contain many unique items (and some less than unique ones). A great addition in Black Ops 4 has been the reactive camos which change as you perform well within MP or Blackout.

They can used on certain weapons after they are earned and on any other weapon for which you can earned Gold camo. Grand Heist brought a few ones with the Contraband tiers including “The Strip.”

Reddit user “onirCx” has acquired all of the 17 reactive camos currently available in Black Ops 4. Thank you to onirCx for the grind and purchase of these reactive camos.

Here’s a full list of the reactive camos in Black Ops 4 (image gallery is in respective order):

  • Cipher – Black Market: Special Orders
  • D-Day – Black Market: Blackjack’s Shop
  • Dogfight – Contraband: Operation Absolute Zero
  • Masked – Black Market: Blackjack’s Shop
  • The Strip – Contraband: Operation Grand Heist
  • Plasma Drive – Contraband: Operation Absolute Zero
  • Party Rock – Black Market: Special Orders
  • Death Reel – Black Market: Blackjack’s Shop
  • APB – Contraband: Operation Grand Heist
  • Rampage – Black Market: Special Orders
  • Access Denied – Black Market: Special Orders
  • Vanguard – Black Market Reserves
  • Killathon – Contraband: Operation First Strike
  • Skullcracker – Contraband: Operation First Strike
  • Roadtrip – Black Market: Barbarian
  • Take It Personally – Black Market: Special Orders
  • Soul Eater – Contraband: Operation First Strike
  • Nebula – Black Market: Blackjack’s Shop
  • Afterlife – Black Market Reserves

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