Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 June 28 Update – Fourth of July Special Event, Grav on Xbox and PC, and more

Ethan Chrisp

The latest Game Settings Update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been released across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Today’s update is highlighted by the Fourth of July limited-time special event which begins Tuesday, July 2nd. Treyarch also shared the intro cinematic for the upcoming Alpha Omega Zombies map which launches alongside Black Ops 4’s fifth Operation on July 9th.

Here’s the full details on today’s update, from Treyarch:

The Aether Story Continues in Zombies on July 9th

The next chapter in the Black Ops 4 Zombies saga launches alongside our fifth Operation with “Alpha Omega” starting July 9th on PS4. Watch the new story trailer and get ready to rejoin Nikolai, Richtofen, Dempsey, and Takeo as the Aether story returns.

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“Fourth of July” Special Event Starts Tuesday

We’re kicking off our “Fourth of July” limited-time special event in the Contraband stream on Tuesday for all platforms, featuring a new earnable Ultra Weapon Bribe. As a reminder, Ultra Weapon Bribes will reward players with a new ranged Black Market weapon and two Reserve Cases. If you already own a variant of all Black Market weapons, Ultra Weapon Bribes will award an additional weapon variant.PC 1.18 Update Featuring Quickplay

Our 1.18 update went live on PC yesterday, featuring Contracts, Hacienda Twilight, Medals and Humiliations in Blackout, PC-specific weapon tuning, and the new Quickplay playlist option in Multiplayer and Blackout. Get all the details here.Grav Assault Rifle on All Platforms Today

With Xbox One and PC players on track to collectively complete the 15 million match Community Challenge, the Grav assault rifle will be available in MP on all platforms starting today! This classic weapon can be customized in new ways for Black Ops 4 with nine available attachments, all unrestricted in the CWL ruleset for League Play as well. Head into Create-a-Class and craft your perfect build today.

We’ve also implemented a fix to correct the damage ranges for the Daemon 3XB in Blackout today, as well as miscellaneous bug fixes for Contracts, Weapon Charms, and more. See below for details.

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Here’s what new since our last update:

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  • Contracts
    • Addressed an issue that caused the title and timer to disappear from some Contracts.
    • Clarified the description of the “Loaded Up” Contract.
  • Weapon Charms
    • Addressed an issue that could cause Weapon Charms to become unequipped after restarting the game.


  • Weapons
    • Daemon 3XB
      • Corrected the damage ranges for the Daemon 3XB in Blackout.
  • Redeploy Modes
    • The Redeploy screen will now no longer appear if redeploys are unavailable.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Addressed an issue that prevented some players from reaching max rank.


  • Create-a-Class
    • Addressed an issue where “New” notifications weren’t cleared on Weapon Charms after they’d been inspected.
  • Stability
    • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when using the Saug 9mm Operator Mod.
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  • Miscellaneous
    • Closed an exploit could allow players to take more than two weapons from Blackjack’s Stash before it locked.

SOURCE: Reddit