Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Private MP Beta on PS4 is around 18GB (size varies by region)

UPDATE: Another image has surfaced from @Djackby9 and @ZombiesFaktory, which appears to be provide a more accurate size of the beta for Black Ops 4. We want to caution that the beta size will vary by each region and platform because of different versions of the beta for each region (due to language differences, etc.). This image shows 33GB in size.

A French YouTuber (@Djackby9) appears to have gotten his hands on a beta download code for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Private Beta on PS4. The servers are not live yet, so no one can play the beta as of now, but we do get our first look at the beta menu’s theme and start up. We have confirmed that this is real:

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In addition, the user, @Djackby9, has shared an image showing when he downloaded the beta and it suggest the beta is 18.1GB in size. The size may vary be region and platform.

We’ll update as we get more information.

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