Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta had higher graphics on Xbox One X, better FPS on PS4 Pro

Keshav Bhat

Digital Foundry has released their analysis of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta. Blackout is the first large scale mode for a Call of Duty game, featuring a high of 100 players in the same game — a big departure from the 5v5 or 6v6 Call of Duty has had in its MP since it’s start. The highest player count Call of Duty has had in an MP style mode before Blackout is 18 players in Ground War.

With the Blackout Beta, there were many questions about its performance and ability to handle the player count. Surprisingly, the beta performed quite well on all platforms with players only experiencing some issues in the game.

Digital Foundry’s analysis has revealed that the graphics in Blackout was rendered the highest, consistently on Xbox One X at 3840×2160.

Xbox One X tops out at 3840×2160, again running with a dynamic scaler. This figure isn’t common though, and I only caught it looking up at the sky while climbing ladders. Any sight of actual terrain just pulls that number down. The typical top end is 2240×1800 in my experience, while the lowest I’ve found is 1792×1800.

In terms of comparison to the PlayStation 4 Pro, the Xbox One X is able to upscale to higher graphics than the PS4 Pro.

The PS4 Pro’s typical output is expectedly lower than X’s. The typical peak is 1920×1800 for the majority of gameplay, and the lowest point I’ve measured is 1440×1080. 

If you are comparing the original Xbox One to the original PS4, Digital Foundry has stated that the standard PS4 outperforms the standard Xbox One. The Xbox One runs the game at 1600×900 at its best, but can fall down to 1024×768 in heavy situations. In contrast, the standard PS4 runs it at 1920×1080 and adjusts to 960×1080 is needed.

In terms of FPS performance, the standard Xbox One runs at between 40-60FPS, mostly staying the upper 40 throughout the match and can dip based upon intensity. The standard PS4 also ranges from 40-60FPS but more consistently stays in the 50 FPS range compared to the Xbox One.

Surprisingly, Digital Foundry has stated that the PlayStation 4 Pro offers the best FPS results for the Blackout Beta when compared to all console versions — the PS4 Pro is able to stick to the upper 50s throughout gameplay, while the Xbox One X ranges from 40-60FPS depending on intensity.

Of course, the PC version offers the most customization and constant performance in Blackout as each individual’s PC set up can operate the mode at different set settings.

SOURCE: Digital Foundry

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