Advanced Warfare being being built on a ‘new engine’ according to Sledgehammer Games


With each new Call of Duty release comes an enhancement in visuals, and Advanced Warfare is set to be no exception.

According to the latest issue of GameInformer, Sledgehammer Co-founder Michael Condrey confirmed Advanced Warfare is “being built on a new engine”.

So what does this all mean? Previous Call of Duty titles have been developed on a heavily modified version of the id Tech 3 engine dating back to Call of Duty 2 all the way up to Call of Duty: Ghosts, more commonly known as the ‘IW Engine’.

Although each title has seen extensive enhancements in visual quality year on year, no Call of Duty title to this day has been developed on a “brand new” engine.

Based on the comment made by Condrey, we can only assume this is no longer the case and will instead move away from the id Tech/IW Engine to a completely new in-house engine.

With Call of Duty development now switching to a 3 year development cycle, it has given Sledgehammer Games the opportunity to essentially start from scratch. You’ll see evidence of the drastic improvements in the latest Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer. If you rewind back to previous Call of Duty reveal trailers, you’ll notice they lack the smoothness and attention to detail as seen in the Advanced Warfare trailer.

We should expect to see more details surrounding the new engine in the months to come.

Source: Gameinformer June Issue