What is Xbox’s 0x87e10bc6 glitch crashing Warzone & Cold War?

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The 0x87e10bc6 glitch is one that can affect Xbox users trying to play Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. Let’s find out what causes it, and solutions to try.

Despite being powerful pieces of hardware, the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can still be prone to bugs and glitches. On the plus side, Microsoft does provide information on a variety of commonly reoccurring problems with their hardware and even offers a solution or two.

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Cold War and Warzone are two unbelievably popular games for the format as the Call of Duty franchise is enjoyed by millions of owners around the world. But players have complained about receiving a 0x87e10bc6 error message when attempting to play both games.

Here’s everything we know about the frustrating glitch for Cold War and Warzone on Xbox.

What is the 0x87e10bc6 glitch crashing CoD: Cold War & Warzone on Xbox?

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According to Microsoft, the technical hitch can be caused when the player attempts to “download and install or launch a game.

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So attempting to download Warzone, for instance, or launch it, seems to have random issues for players wanting to play.

Microsoft also says: “This might mean that the game is temporarily unavailable, it’s unavailable in your region, or it’s no longer in the game catalog.”

How to fix the 0x87e10bc6 glitch for Warzone & Cold War on Xbox?

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Fortunately, Microsoft does at least provide a few solutions for players to try out if they find this glitch is happening to them.

Here is what Microsoft advises for the 0x87e10bc6 glitch.

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Quit the application and give it a few minutes

  1. Close down Warzone or Cold War
  2. Leave it for a few minutes
  3. Boot it up again
  4. See if it works now

Investigate the Xbox Status Page

  1. Go to Xbox Support
  2. Check to see if any of the features have the orange “Limited” sign or the red “Major Outage” one
  3. Click on the relevant problem, and see if it applies to your scenario
  4. If so, scroll down to ‘Notifications’
  5. Then sign in so you can select to receive a notification when things are working again

Check if you’re still eligible to play the game

  1. Check your games catalog and see if Warzone or Cold War is still in there
  2. Also, confer with Google to see if the game’s region availablility has changed
  3. If it was obtained from Xbox Game Pass, browse the Game Pass catalogue for your region, and see if the selected game is still available

These are all the best solutions to try and deal with the issue at present. If a more efficient way becomes available that increases the chances of the problem being fixed then we will update this page.

Also, check out the new Warzone feature that identifies hackers.

Image Credit: Xbox / Microsoft / Activision

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