Warzone’s Fighter & Bomber Planes removed following crashing issues

Liam Mackay
Bomber Plane in Warzone Pacific Season 2

Warzone devs Raven Software have removed the Fighter and Bomber Planes from the Vanguard Royale playlist, seemingly because they were crashing games.

Vanguard Royale has become a completely separate game mode to the standard battle royale playlists thanks to changes throughout Season 2. One of its most unique features was the Fighter Planes that filled the sky, at least until March 4.

Raven Software announced on March 4 that both Fighter and Bomber Planes were disabled until they can fix an issue that was discovered, and it’s likely to do with crashes that players were experiencing.

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Warzone planes in Caldera

While Vanguard Royale players have been delighted with the March 3 update bringing the UAVs back to Buy Stations and raising the TTK, players have been reporting a ton of crashes. While there are some reports that the Nebula V Bomb caused the crashes, there’s also a theory that it was the Planes.

Call of Duty content creator ProReborn shared this theory with Raven, saying that he’s “almost positive that planes are crashing peoples games,” and it seems that “if a certain amount of people are flying at once,” then around 30 players crash at the same time.

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Raven Software didn’t respond to ProReborn, but announced less than six hours later that “Fighter and Bomber Planes have been disabled in Vanguard Royale modes while we investigate an issue.”

They didn’t announce what the issue is, but it could have to do with the crashing issues that ProReborn mentioned. There’s no timeline to when they’ll come back, but it’s likely to be high up on their list of priorities.

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They also addressed issues with players getting stuck in the Redeploy Balloon ziplines, as well as the game-breaking Iron Trials glitch where Marksman Rifles can one-shot players.

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Image Credit: Activision

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