Warzone devs respond to Season 2’s frustrating freezing issues

Matt Porter
Warzone character looking at ground loot

Warzone’s game-breaking Buy Station freezing glitch hasn’t disappeared just yet, with players reporting that picking up ground loot is now causing the same issue after the Season 2 patch. Thankfully, Raven Software are on the case.

Warzone Season 2 saw Raven Software add 30 Quality of Life updates to the game, as they attempt to right the ship after weeks of problems. In fact, things had gotten so bad that the developers openly admitted the game was broken, saying they were embarrassed by the state it was in.

While Raven did fix a number of glitches that were in the game, unfortunately, one has actually gotten worse. During Season 1, players found that using a Buy Station could freeze your game if you slid towards it.

Now, that same glitch is affecting ground loot, and making it impossible to stay alive at the start of matches.

warzone buy station

In a video uploaded to the Warzone subreddit, user I_AM_THE_SEB showed a video of them landing on the ground, sprinting over to pick up a weapon, only for their game to freeze.

A few seconds later, it went back to normal, but by that time an enemy had landed behind them and sent them to the Gulag.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be an isolated incident, with other players in the comments stating it had happened to them too. “I wish it was [a joke],” wrote one, “Died 3 times to this bug. That’s how common it is at least on PC.”

“Freezes every time I hit the ground on PS5,” wrote another. “Seems like a multi-platform bug.”

As shown above, this is an extremely frustrating glitch. If you’re unlucky and suffer this issue when you land, an opponent will be able to take you out with ease. If it happens again should you win your Gulag, you could find yourself back in the pre-game lobby with no chance of survival.

Thankfully, Warzone’s developers are aware of the issue, with Raven Software tweeting about it on February 16.

They wrote: “We are continuing to investigate reports of an issue that is causing players to freeze in various situations throughout a match.”

The issue has also been added to their official Trello board, which Raven use to keep players updated with bug fixes.

It appears that this glitch happens most often shortly after you hit the ground, but that has yet to be confirmed. There’s no timeline as to when this problem will be fixed, but with Raven on the case, hopefully, it won’t be long until they’ve squashed this bug.

Image Credit: Raven Software