Warzone trolls players by making them think Verdansk is back

Liam Mackay
Warzone woods operator looking over Verdansk '84

Call of Duty fans are desperate to see the original Verdansk map return ahead of Warzone 2, and they thought their wishes had been answered when a popular playlist returned.

Warzone’s Caldera map arrived alongside Vanguard back in December 2021 to a mixed reception. Players loved the vibrant colors and more traditional battle royale map design, but many have been hankering to play Verdansk once again.

The devs have already explained why they won’t bring back Verdansk, and Season 5 Reloaded was the last major update ahead of November 16’s Warzone 2. However, players were excited to see Verdansk in a new playlist update.

The October 6 patch and playlist update brought the Mini Royale playlist back to Warzone, and players immediately spotted that the description read: “Fast-paced Battle Royale in condensed areas of Verdansk.”

Many excitedly queued into the playlist for some nostalgia but were met with Caldera instead. It was clearly a mistake, and while the description and image have now been updated to say Caldera, it wasn’t before a few players got trolled.

Reddit user ‘pubgisDEAD’ shared the Verdansk playlist banner, saying they got “trolled so bad” — and they weren’t the only one.

“I saw it and queued immediately. Imagine my surprise when Caldera loaded,” explained one player. “As did I,” replied another. “Piece of garbage Caldera loaded up and I swiftly left.”

CharlieIntel shared the mistake on Twitter, and replies were filled with comments such as “they are really trolling us right now,” and “biggest troll ever.”

Some players hoped that it was a tease of Verdansk’s return ahead of Warzone 2, but this is extremely unlikely with Season 5 Reloaded announced as the last major update.

If you do want to jump back into Verdansk, it’s still available in Modern Warfare‘s Spec Ops mode and the upcoming Warzone Mobile. Be sure to check out how to pre-register to play.

Image Credit: Activision