Warzone to remain ‘front and center’ to Call of Duty franchise for a ‘long time’

Activision’s President has confirmed plans for Call of Duty: Warzone to be the a main focus of the Call of Duty world for years to come.

As part of the company’s Q4 earnings call on February 4, Activision’s President Rob Kostich as reaffirmed the company’s commitment to Warzone as a center piece to the Call of Duty franchise for a long time.

Kostich said, “Warzone is going to be front and center for us for a long time. And on that front, I’d like to take a moment to thank our players for their constant and continuous feedback on all aspects of the game. It’s something we listen to each and every day, and it’s important to our process.” 

Activision’s President affirmed that they have learned a lot about integration Warzone with their newest premium releases through Season One, and have taken that learnings into accounts as they plan well into the future.

Black Ops Cold War brought in a ton of content to Warzone. It had over 30 new weapons, new Operators, and a lot more. And this was a massive update that required a lot of resources on our side. And having gone through this integration now, we now have even a greater sense on how we can make these transitions work even better and smoother for all of our players in the future. And this is really important for us,” said Kostich. 

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The integration of Call of Duty: Warzone with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has done a lot for Cold War, per Activision. They’ve seen engagement reach new levels in the quarter, especially after Season launch. And, more importantly, they saw a premium upgrades increase ‘sharply’ for them. They want to ensure they ‘over deliver’ on new content going forward for fans.

“Now this is only strengthened our commitment to continue to bring compelling, new content to both premium and free to play players on a regular basis,” Kostich added in the call. “And that said, we know our players expectations are very high for new content, and rightly so, we want to make sure we over deliver on that front as we move forward.” 

Kostich confirmed they are ‘confident’ about their strategy for Call of Duty going forward. With the new, continuous content releases, premium game upgrades, and free to play access for players, there’s a lot of ways for fans to engage with and experience Call of Duty.

“We feel really good overall and confident in our strategy going forward. Warzone will continue to central part of that future content planning. It’s where our entire community can come together and experience the latest of what the franchise has to offer. And our goal remains the same: whether you’re a premium or free to play Call of Duty player, we want to provide everyone with incredible gameplay experiences, and we’re going to continue to invest significantly across all fronts to support that effort for the community“, he concluded.

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