Warzone streamer FIVEBYFIVEx banned after being invited to Infinity Ward by Activision

Warzone operator in front of Fortune's Keep

After being invited to Infinity Ward by Activision, streamer FIVEBYFIVEx has been permanently banned from Warzone after being accused of cheating.

Warzone doesn’t take cheaters and hackers lightly, and although some players haven’t been happy with the way RICOCHET has been performing, bans are still being given out frequently.

Warzone streamer FIVEBYFIVEx was permanently banned recently, being accused of cheating shortly after being invited to Infinity Ward by Activision themselves.

warzone streamer banned live

FIVEBYFIVEx was shadow banned last week, and now the content creator’s account has officially been “perma banned.”

The streamer tried to reach out to Activision to solve the ban, but it seems the developers were not convinced as the “bans are final” and they have “never reversed a ban.”

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The streamer claims that they “never cheated, VPN’d, unlock tool, camo glitch, (or) anything,” but clearly Activision have their reasons for banning FIVEBYFIVEx. The ban happened after the streamer had a “40 bomb, and then a couple of 30 bombs,” claiming that people had mass reported the account.

FIVEBYFIVEx claims that the ban is “for no reason,” and is actually a “mistake.” The Warzone streamer now has to “start back at 0,” and is open to anyone checking their PC and gameplay to see if they actually did anything wrong.

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It’s unclear why the streamer was banned, but they won’t be getting their account back. It’s especially surprising as this streamer was also actually invited to Infinity Ward for a playtest of Modern Warfare 2.

Luckily Warzone 2 is arriving in the future, where everyone’s inventories will be reset.

Image Credits: Activision

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