Warzone Season 4 map changes: Satellites, Hijacked Gulag, Red Doors

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Player in helicopter shooting at Satellite

Warzone Season 4 is officially here, and as always, Raven Software have updated Verdansk ’84 in an attempt to keep things fresh. With new POIs, a revamped Gulag, and the interesting Red Doors, there’s plenty to see the next time you drop in.

Warzone Season 4 is officially here, with the major patch dropping on June 17 on all platforms. With three new guns, major weapon balance changes, and the new Ground Fall event, there’s plenty for players to sink their teeth into.

Of course, a new seasonal update gives Raven Software the opportunity to tinker with the game’s map, and the developers have added some brand-new Points-of-Interest dotted across the map, while also reworking the Gulag.

Warzone Season 4 Satellite Crash Sites

Warzone Season 4 Satellite

The biggest change to Verdansk itself are the new Satellite Crash POIs found across the map. As part of the Ground Fall event, a number of Satellites have dropped out of space and crashed into the earth, creating interesting but dangerous locations around Verdansk.

Wreckage can be found in four locations. A field in the Krovnik Farmland has been destroyed by the wreckage, while Gora Bridge suffered some major damage when one fell onto it.

Warzone players can also find a site close to the Salt Mines, while another sits next to the Airport Control Tower.

Warzone Season 4 Hijacked Gulag

Warzone's Hijacked Gulag

The other major change in Season 4 comes to the Gulag, with the contentious Standoff version replaced with a layout based on Hijacked, which joins Black Ops Cold War as a new multiplayer map.

This Gulag is based on the central ship area of Hijacked, with cover in the middle and the covered walkway to the side.

Warzone Season 4 Red Doors & Downtown Tower

Warzone red door fast travel

The long-rumored Red Doors are finally active in Warzone, which appear to randomly spawn and send players to a new location full of high-tier loot.

Downtown Tower has also changed slightly, with slight appearance changes after it was taken over by 80s Action Heroes and transformed into Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza during Season 3.

More map changes are being discovered as players explore Verdansk ’84, so be sure to keep checking back as we continue to update with any that are found.

Image Credits: Raven Software / Activision

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