Warzone Season 2 Rebirth Island wall glitch makes players invincible

Nicholas Sakadelis
Rebirth Island - CoD: Warzone

There’s a new glitch that’s been discovered on Warzone’s Rebirth Island, just a week after the Season 2 update.

Warzone is well known for its countless bugs, with some recurring ones like the Stim Glitch, which has appeared a total of five times thus far. In Season 2, a brand new one has appeared on the new Rebirth Island map.

Speaking of Rebirth Island, things haven’t been looking too great for the map with the beginning of Season 2. Players have already discovered ways to win the game without even playing, and now we have a brand new wall glitch that allows players to eliminate enemies without being seen.

In a Reddit post made by user tenXeXo, we can see the new glitch in action, located underneath the Chemical Engineering building on the map. The player in question is completely invincible to enemy gunfire and has a full view of enemies outside of the walls.

Of course, these players are essentially cheating, using an in-game exploit resulting in an unfair advantage against others. Unfortunately, the only way we can recommend countering this is by completely avoiding the Chemical Engineering area of the map for now and waiting for the gas to close in on the players.

We aren’t aware on how the players managed to get inside, but many of these Wall Glitches are done with vehicles, so if you find a vehicle by a wall, be sure to destroy it immediately to trap enemies in the glitch, so they’ll be guaranteed to die to the gas.

CoD Warzone - Rebirth Island

Hopefully, Raven steps in before this glitch becomes widespread. While it may be easy to just avoid this area in your games, it won’t be helpful if the final circle ever collapses on Chemical Engineering where players are abusing this bug.

We’re unsure if Raven is aware of the bug at this time. Be sure to tune into Raven and Treyarch’s Trello board for updates.

Image Credits: Activision