Warzone players worried that Gas Mask glitch has returned in Season 4

Andrew Highton
cod warzone infinite gas masks

Call of Duty: Warzone players are worried that the infamous infinite Gas Mask glitch has crept back into the game in Season 4.

Since the game’s launch, CoD: Warzone has battled glitch demons for the longest time. Visitors to Verdansk have had to cope with multiple reappearances of the stim glitch, enemies ending up under the map, and players inexplicably becoming invisible.

But along with these major issues, there’s also been the on-off Gas Mask glitch that allows players to survive in the gas with an infinitely replenishing mask. It did appear in Season 3 of Warzone but was quickly patched, yet new evidence suggests that it may have returned.

cod warzone players fighting

Hearing the words “glitch” where CoD: Warzone is concerned is a sure-fire way to create panic and worry in the community.

So when one Warzone Reddit user posted a new topic called “Guess what’s back?” along with a peculiar picture of the map, it created conversation.

The picture depicted a user with a Bounty on them, some way into the storm. It didn’t seem too suspicious, and the image was questioned by one user saying, “Bounty updates every 10 seconds, he could easily have been choking in the gas trying to make it into the zone. Could have had a Durable Gas Mask. Could have hopped on that ATV right next to him. Show a video dude of what happened next, I don’t get what this still image is supposed to prove.”

The original poster shuts down these questions and confirmed to the thread that “It updated a few times, and stayed in the area.”

Now, it’s not conclusive that this is indeed the case. Many players have actually reported obtaining Durable Gas Masks via Red Doors in Season 4.

They are rare but offer much longer protection in the storm. Though, we would question why the player would want to waste a useful end-game tool so early.

Until a definite answer is found, we shall continue to monitor the situation and see if there are more cases of players surviving in the storm longer than usual.

Imager Credit: Activision / Raven Software