Warzone player’s weapon gets visibly nerfed mid-fight

Andrew Highton
cod warzone gun smoke

One Warzone player had to watch in horror as their weapon became weaker with every bullet during a firefight. The CoD player had their weapon seemingly get nerfed as they battled with someone, resulting in their elimination.

Weapons are usually patched and nerfed via updates that don’t affect a player’s game. This was not the case for one unlucky Warzone player who had to bear witness to their gun failing them before their very eyes.

There’s no way to explain the random circumstances as the killcam proceeded to show the player that their gun pretty much nerfed itself in the worst moment possible.

cod warzone plunder mode gameplay

In their video, Reddit user Boo97388 was seeking refuge at the top of one of the Warzone’s buildings, guarding a zip line. There were already several bodies strewn across the floor, indicating signs of previous duels.

They then became aware that another enemy was surging up the zipline, and our player readied themselves for another kill. What they didn’t bank on was the unexplainable incident that followed.

Upon seeing the opponent, our player proceeded to fill them full of holes with many accurately placed shots from their AN-94 Assault Rifle. But things quickly went awry as they were killed by the enemy player, and it’s only in the killcam that the truth was revealed.

If close attention is paid to the opponent’s health bar, you can see how the first few shots did significant damage. Then out of nowhere, their damage output for no reason disappears almost entirely, giving the enemy player time to shoot Boo97388 and kill them quickly.

We can’t really ever recall something like this happening in Warzone and don’t have an answer as to why it happened. Some users in the comments section made light of the situation saying, “I have no words to describe the clip… That being said, you’re camping zip lines in a game of plunder… I don’t feel that bad for you.”

However, one user thinks it’s an unidentified AN-94 bug, “Hey absolutely no joke it’s an AN-94 bug. There’s something weird about hitting players once their plates are broken. That’s why I stopped using it. It happened to me 3-4 times in a week span a couple of weeks ago.”

Who knows how many players this happened to, and how often it will continue to happen.

Image credits: Activision

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