Warzone players haven’t found a game in days after major matchmaking issues

Liam Mackay
broken warzone matchmaking without server ping

Frustrated Warzone players are reporting that matchmaking is completely broken after they haven’t been able to connect to a match in days.

While Warzone Pacific Season 3 has brought major quality of life changes and new additions that have been welcomed by the community, players report they have been suffering from frustrating connection issues that are making it impossible to play the game.

You can immediately tell when matchmaking isn’t working because the ping isn’t displayed on the screen. Usually, when this happens you can just cancel matchmaking and re-queue, but players have reportedly been unable to connect to a match for days.

Operators fighting Kong in Warzone Pacific

Reddit user ‘Mikes_Monsters’ showed that they were seeing no ping while searching for a Warzone match, and explained that they have been “Unable to find a match for the last few days on ps4 and seeing others have the same issue.”

“I thought it was my internet, and after modem and router resets it’s clear it isn’t that,” explained the OP. “Super frustrating with it being two days.”

Several players have reported the same issue across different Reddit threads, where reinstalling the game doesn’t fix the issue. ‘xferminx’ said neither Warzone nor Modern Warfare connect to matches, and “it’s been two days now.”

“Same here,” confirmed Samillus. “2 days with WZ and Vanguard.” A look at the Vanguard subreddit confirms that players were unable to connect to matches after the free trial went live, but the complaints appear to have died down.

This matchmaking error doesn’t appear to be affecting players in EU servers. One player explained that they fixed the issue on PC “after 2 days by switching my region to Europe.” Another user said: “On pc and no matchmaking problems, im in EU.”

Of course, there’s no guarantee EU servers are free from the issue, but it might be worth switching if you can.

The developers should address this issue if it sticks around, but in the meantime, you can check out everything we know about Warzone 2, as well as Modern Warfare 2’s leaked DMZ mode.

Image Credit: Activision / Reddit u/Mikes_Monsters