Warzone players gaining less Battle Pass XP than intended

warzone pacific season 1 battle pass legendary

Warzone Pacific Season 1 players are finding it difficult to level up, which seems to be an issue that Raven Software are working to fix.

With Warzone Pacific Season 1 finally dropping, players have been eager to get to grips with the new weapons, map, and modes.

Unfortunately, some players haven’t been having the best experience, with many issues being reported. The latest problem players have been noticing is the lack of XP being awarded to player Battle Pass levels.

warzone pacific season 1 battle pass

Usually, players can expect a win or a great game with a bunch of kills to take them up a level in the Warzone Battle Pass. What players soon found out while playing the new Warzone Pacific update is that this isn’t the case.

Reddit user xCoban put up a post with the question “Battle pass xp nerfed?”

In the post, the player states that they “played about 3 hours of rebirth with the battle pass purchased” and didn’t even get it to “level 2.”

They aren’t the only ones who are experiencing this issue either, as other players in the comments have been experiencing the same issue: “I really hope this is a bug. No way I’ll have time to recoup the COD points I just spent if it takes this much to level up the tiers.”

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Another player also states that they are having the same issue, but also with Weapon XP: “Same here, also getting 0 weapon XP on Vanguard weapons.”

Fortunately, Raven Software has addressed the issue and is working to put a fix out. On the Warzone Trello board, which the devs use to address issues with the game, one of the cards under “Global Issues” reads: “[All Platforms] XP Gain: Players are earning lower-than-intended amounts XP.”

So for those wondering whether they had nerfed the XP gained, it is actually a bug and will be reverted soon.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games