Warzone players fuming as “naked men” infest Caldera and Rebirth Island

Liam Mackay
Warzone Armored Titan skin

While anime fans were delighted with Warzone and Vanguard’s new Armored Titan character, some Warzone fans have been less impressed with the “naked men” running around Caldera and Rebirth Island.

Although Warzone launched with a gritty and semi-realistic feel, the integration with Cold War and Vanguard has seen the game get wackier and wackier. We’ve seen the Krig 6 sprout flapping dragon wings and the M16 have a living alien attached, but players believe the Attack on Titan Armored Titan skin is a step too far.

The Attack on Titan manga states that “the Armored Titan is one that specializes in hardening abilities,” where they’re coated in thick, armor-like segments of hardened skin. This means that they’re essentially naked, and Warzone players can’t believe their eyes.

armored titan skin in vanguard

So far, Vanguard’s Battle Pass and store skins have been relatively low-key and realistic, but the crossover with Attack on Titan has changed that somewhat. Players called the Daniel Survey Corps skin “embarrassing,” but the initial reception to the Armored Titan skin was positive.

However, public opinion seems to be changing, with ‘DefunctHunk_COD’ taking to the Warzone subreddit to say that “My lobbies are filled with naked men,” showing the nude Armored Titan skin in Rebirth Island.

“I like attack on titan as much as the next guy but idk the skins just look out of place,” said another user. “To each their own but I hate it,” said Kangdrew, and another user, Big_Ad4904, said: “It’s literally the worst skin I’ve ever seen.”

DefunctHunk wasn’t the only one to say they look nude, with Twitter user ZephyrusXVII saying that it “Looks like naked men are running around on Warzone.”

It looks like the Armored Titan isn’t the last bizarre skin to arrive, as Snoop Dogg has been leaked to arrive as a playable Operator, plus there could be a Godzilla and King Kong event coming soon too.

Image Credit: Activision

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