Warzone players finding new Stim Glitch in Nuke Radiation Zones

cod warzone season 2 gas stim

Verdansk has become more dangerous thanks to deadly new Radiation Zones. But instead of them being fun, kooky additions, they’ve led to Call of Duty: Warzone being hit by a new form of Stim Glitch.

It’s at the point in Warzone where the mere thought of the dreaded “Stim Glitch” is enough to make most players shudder and become frustrated. The bug that practically makes players invincible is ironically plaguing the new Zombies twist on Warzone.

Instead of counting down the potential final days of Verdansk, players will now be eager for Season 3 to commence to prevent any further Stim Glitch controversy.

cod warzone radiation zone

First off, it has to be said that this incarnation of the Stim Glitch isn’t as damaging and as game-breaking as it was before.

Whereas the old version of the Stim Glitch essentially allowed layers to set up camp anywhere in the map and survive until they were the last player remaining, the new twist isn’t quite as effective.

Reddit user TwistedFate3 demonstrated how easy it was to avoid dying in the new gas as the new Radiation Zones deal far less damage than traditional gas.

They learned that if you have a Stim Shot equipped, then it can actually restock itself quicker than the time it takes for the Radiation Zone to kill you.

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So at the moment, it’s entirely possible that players are utilizing this knowledge and pretty much have these areas to themselves to grab all the loot and goodies there.

However, the Stim simply won’t have the same effects when trying to use it if the proper gas crosses over into the new Radiation Zones. Meaning that this isn’t a way that will guarantee victories or anything like that.

It’s likely that this will be a one-week special gameplay difference that won’t carry over into Season 3, so we don’t expect this Stim Glitch variant to be changed. Given that Verdansk is expected to be blown up and bring other changes, this will just be a short detour.

Image credits: Activision