Warzone players call for removal of “pay-to-win” Roze skin

Warzone's Roze skin in a dark area

Players have been voicing their frustration with Warzone Operator Roze’s ‘Rook’ skin, who’s black outfit almost completely camouflages players in dark environments.

Although Call of Duty is keeping microtransactions purely cosmetic, some pay-to-win items have crept into Warzone through the Battle Passes. The Gallantry MAC-10 blueprint was far more powerful than its regular counterpart, leading Raven Software to hotfix the issue.

Since Modern Warfare Season 5, Warzone players have complained about the power of the Roze skin. Seeing almost all top Warzone players use this skin while competing for $250,000 has proved that the skin is overpowered, and players want it gone from the game.

“Pay-to-win” Warzone Operator skin

In a story similar to Fortnite’s all-black superhero skin that could easily camouflage in dark environments, Roze’s Rook skin is the same.

Roze's Rook skin in Warzone

Her outfit is completely black without any reflective surfaces to help her be spotted in dark areas. Even her eyes have black facepaint around them.

Both Verdansk and Rebirth Island have some extremely dark corners inside buildings and the Rook outfit blends in perfectly. The new Gulag also has some dark spots to hide in, where your enemy will have a hard time spotting you.

The issue isn’t entirely new, but January 21st’s $250,000 Warzone Twitch Rivals tournament especially highlighted the power of the skin.

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In a game where there are 54 Operators to choose from, all with several different variants, almost all of the competitors rocked Roze’s Rook skin in the tournament. Operator skins are supposed to be cosmetic-only and offer no competitive advantage, but the amount of Roze skin used in competitive Warzone tells a different story.

Reddit user caribou_drew posted a screenshot from HusKerrs stream during the tournament, which shows a mob of Roze’s ready to drop into the tournament. Caribou_drew said they “wish they would take the skin out of the game.”

As Rook was included in Season 5’s premium Battle Pass, players have been calling this skin pay-to-win. Because players have paid for it, it’s unlikely that the skin will be removed. However, Raven Software could adjust the color so it doesn’t give so much of an advantage.

Epic Games had to do a similar thing in Fortnite, where the Plastic Patroller skin was the same green color as certain areas of the environment. Epic was quick to adjust the color, removing the advantage it provided.

With the amount of social media posts complaining about this Warzone skin, Warzone players would likely be more than happy to see the change.

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Image Credit: Activision