Warzone players call for one major change to make Iron Trials Solos perfect

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Warzone’s toughest test, Iron Trials, has changed the way players can approach Call of Duty’s battle royale, but they believe that it needs one crucial change to make Iron Trials Solos more enjoyable.

Iron Trials has proven to be popular since its release, with many Warzone players praising its lack of Dead Silence and Stopping Power, its focus on fewer vehicles, and increased health.

Another big difference between Iron Trials and regular BR is that there’s significantly less cash lying around, or tied up in contracts. This means that buying a Loadout is much tougher as it’s a lot more expensive.

This is a deliberate game mechanic that Raven has employed to make players earn their Loadout, but fans think that the requirements should be lowered for Iron Trials Solos going forward for Warzone’s new Pacific Caldera map.

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In normal BR, a Loadout would set you back $10,000, which is quite reasonable in any format. In Iron Trials, however, that price is 50% higher, costing $15,000.

Reddit user DefunctHunk_COD believes that this is too much, saying: “Iron Trials Solos – I have played 8 games, won 2 of them, but I have never been able to buy a Loadout. £15,000 is far too much money for a Solos mode where contract rewards are decreased.”

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It’s true that Iron Trials is supposed to place a greater emphasis on ground loot and testing your skill with a variety of different weapons, but using some of Warzone’s best loadouts is a way to customize your experience and reward you for unlocking guns and attachments.

One of the top suggestions for the topic said: “with reduced money, it should’ve stayed $10k for [a] Loadout.”

The Iron Trials variation of Warzone has been out for some time now, so it’s possible that Raven Software will revise the ruleset ahead of the Warzone and Vanguard integration.

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Image Credit: Activision / Raven Software