Warzone players call for major change to Plunder

Liam Mackay
warzone plunder game mode

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Plunder player base has become increasingly frustrated with the Attack Helicopters that prowl Verdansk in Season 4, and want them removed.

Plunder is a great place to enjoy a more casual version of Warzone. Whether you’re out to level up weapons, complete challenges, or want something different from the standard battle royale, Plunder is the place to go.

However, players are sick of the Attack Helicopters that roam the map and shoot any player they see. Frustrated with this mechanic, it’s clear that players want to see change going forward.

Warzone helicopter flying over download

Plunder is the secondary, non-battle royale mode for Call of Duty: Warzone. The objective is simple, collect as much cash as you can before the timer runs out. Because you have infinite respawns and can drop in with your loadout, the mode has become a playground for those wanting to grind challenges and weapon levels.

While cheating and game-breaking glitches have been negatively impacting the battle royale mode, one of Plunder’s mechanics has been spoiling the experience for players.

In a strongly-worded Reddit post, user butlistentotheWuson asked does “Anyone else hate the attack helicopter from plunder?” They described how “near the end of the game they are everywhere,” and they couldn’t walk outside “because of that stupid f***ing helicopter shooting at me.”

The post has received well over 1,000 ‘upvotes’ with many in the comments echoing the post’s sentiment. One user said that “They make everyone hide inside of buildings” and “remove any action from the game.”

Many users recommended running Cold Blooded so that the Attack Helicopter can’t see you. So while many believe the Helicopters are a nuisance, there is a counter.

Raven Software has big plans for a future Perk rebalance, but there’s no guarantee that Plunder will receive such a significant change any time soon.

Image Credit: Activision