Warzone players call for devs to nerf pistol melee damage and snapping

Members of the Warzone community have begun to call for the Call of Duty battle royale developers to make changes to the damage that can be dealt out by the melee attack of the starting pistol and how this pistol melee snaps onto enemies.

One of the features that set Call of Duty: Warzone apart from other battle royales is that players drop into a match with a pistol compared to other games where a player lands with nothing at all. This feature allows players to immediately get into a fight with more than just their fists and help them if an enemy gets a gun before them.

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However, the incredible damage that players can dish out with the melee attack of this starting pistol where they can down an enemy with two plates with just a couple of hits and how the game snaps these pistol melee attacks onto enemies has lead to plenty of frustration for players.

The recent discussion surrounding a desire for Raven Software to make changes, such as the call for a vehicle exit animation to be added, to the pistol melee damage popped up over on the official Warzone subreddit, where one member of the community posted an image stating that pistol whips should do the same amount of damage as the melee attack with a character’s fists.

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Many other players agreed with this sentiment, while others claimed that a pistol whip should do more damage than fists but should not do more damage than bullets being fired from an enemy gun.

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While the discussion began focusing on the damage that the Warzone pistol melee dishes out, other members of the community began to state they believe the damage is not the issue.

They stated that the game would have the melee snap onto targets from even decent distances, which the developers need to address.

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While the ability to land with a pistol has brought an exciting element to Warzone, there is no doubt that a portion of the community wants to see some major changes be applied to the Warzone pistol melee damage and snapping effect sooner than later.

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