Warzone players call for devs to finally fix Rocket Launcher camos crashing games

Rocket Launcher in Warzone pacific

Warzone players are begging Raven Software to fix a frustrating glitch that causes the game to crash every time they change Rocket Launcher camos.

Warzone features a variety of powerful weapons for you to use, and these can be customized with cosmetic items such as weapon camos to make them look cooler when you take them with you in battle.

However, a strange glitch has been plaguing the Rocket Launcher camos ever since the arrival of the Pacific Update, and players are frustrated that the developers still haven’t patched up this issue yet.

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Reddit user ‘Djabouty47’ highlighted this bug in the CoD: Warzone subreddit, warning players to avoid editing their Rocket Launchers with weapon camos in the gunsmith after their game crashed twice.

Many of the commenters shared their own experiences with this glitch, claiming that it has been around for quite some time without the developers fixing it in a Warzone Pacific update patch.

One user expressed their frustration with the fact that this issue hasn’t been patched up yet, writing: “Pretty crazy that a game this popular has bugs that go unfixed for this long. It’s been this way for months.”

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While Rocket Launchers aren’t fit for every combat situation in Warzone, they can still be useful when taking down vehicles and large groups of enemies, so it’s unfortunate that players can’t customize them without crashing the game.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not the developers are planning to implement a fix for this glitch in the near future since the problem isn’t currently listed on the Warzone Trello board.

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However, Raven Software frequently listens to feedback, with Season 2 being delayed to fix some bugs and glitches, so we might see this issue patched up at some point in the new season.

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Image Credit: Activision