Warzone players call for classic Fortnite feature to fix “broken” weapons

Warzone Operator and Fortnite Vault

Warzone Pacific players are calling for the developers to add Fortnite’s classic vaulting feature in order to fix some of the most broken weapons in the game.

The Warzone Pacific Season 2 update brought some notable weapon balancing updates that have impacted the game’s meta, with weapons like the MP40 SMG and C58 Assault Rifle being hit with nerfs.

Warzone’s PPSh-41 SMG received a secret buff which has made it extremely overpowered, and this has led to players calling for the addition of a classic Fortnite feature to counter this problem.

Vault in Fortnite

Reddit user ‘digit_zero’ expressed their frustration with how “broken” the Warzone PPSh-41 has become after the secret buff before bringing up the idea of temporarily removing overpowered weapons from the game.

The Redditor suggested that Raven Software add a vaulting mechanic like Fortnite’s in order to disable weapons that become broken after balancing updates, preventing them from appearing in lobbies.

Many of the commenters were on board with this idea, and one user wrote: “Agreed, the weekend is the only time for casuals to play and when this happens it basically rules out the weekend.”

A few commenters showed concern that temporarily removing weapons would cause more complaints, but one user stated: “Fortnite has a vault system and there hasn’t been much of an outcry about it.”

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Warzone Pacific Season 2’s PPSh-41 SMG buff has massively boosted the gun’s TTK (Time-To-Kill), allowing players to take out their enemies extremely quickly even if they just shoot their feet.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear whether or not Raven Software will implement this feature, but vaulting weapons would help with the sheer amount of guns available in the game, which can be overwhelming.

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Image credits: Activision / Raven Software / Epic Games