Warzone players beg Raven to bring “awesome” Blackout features to Caldera

Liam Mackay
Woods in Blackout and Kingsley in Warzone

Although Blackout was retired and Warzone became CoD’s premium battle royale, many players still look back on the Black Ops 4 spin-off fondly. So fondly that they’re looking for Raven Software to add some of Blackout’s “awesome features” to Warzone.

The battle royale genre took gaming by storm in the late 2010s, and Treyarch were one of the first AAA studios to capitalize on the phenomenon. Before Warzone’s roaring success in 2020, Blackout arrived with Black Ops 4, offering a more traditional battle royale

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Although being let down by a $60 price tag and no cross-play, many preferred Blackout’s core gameplay and they’re asking Raven Software to implement some of the best features in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Wetworks POI in call of duty blackout

Reddit user Dnochian began the discussion, asking Raven Software to “look back and see the incredible work that was done in that game and bring some of that goodness back.”

Dnochian brought up the “awesome challenges to unlock skins,” Zombie-infested areas, water you could swim in, wingsuits, tanks, and emotes — wishing that Raven Software would consider adding some of these features to Warzone.

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Blackout had a more traditional looting system, where players needed to find all of the attachments they wanted to fit their weapon with, and one user said that it made the game seem “almost legitimately skill-based.” They said this looting system kept things “very even,” being a balance of risk and reward.

“Preferred Wingsuits over Parachutes,” said OrochuOdenMain91. “Didn’t need to deal with thirsty players in the beginning while jumping out.” Another said that the ‘heartbeat dart’ should make a return.

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While it’s unlikely that many of these Blackout features will make their way over, Raven have been using the Vanguard Royale mode to experiment with new features and mechanics. With no Heartbeats and a higher TTK, it feels much more like Blackout than Warzone’s regular modes.

For an even more hardcore mode, you can check out Rebirth Iron Trials and the loadouts we recommend you use.

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