Warzone players beg for report system changes as hackers run rampant

Hamza Khalid
Battling players in Warzone

Hackers can cause massive problems Warzone players who are trying to enjoy the game and reporting them seemingly has no effect. Now, the community is calling for changes to the report system.

Warzone has been plagued with hackers that are ruining the game for others. These players were previously caught making their own operator skins, and many of them use cheats to gain an unfair advantage.

Raven Software is constantly combatting these hackers, even attempting “hardware bans” to those who cheat, and there’s an in-game button that players can use to report anyone who might be hacking.

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The Warzone community feels that this isn’t effective and is asking for changes.

Warzone report option

Reddit user WavingBuddy highlighted this issue in the Call of Duty: Warzone subreddit, where they discussed the current state of the report system and how to improve it.

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There are games that give a message informing you if your reports result in hackers getting banned, and the community wants a similar feature in Warzone. This would make it clear that reporting gets results.

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One user asked why the game doesn’t use the shadow-ban system more effectively. “You can’t even get cheaters shadow banned from pure reports anymore though that used to work when 10+ people reported them in ‘x’ minutes,” they wrote.

Another player sarcastically defended the system’s functionality. “That feature works properly,” they wrote. “Your report yielded no results, no one got banned, thus there is no message.”

We currently don’t know how exactly the developers receive in-game reports and respond to them. If there aren’t some major changes to this system, then players might become less enthusiastic about the game.

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Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software

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