Warzone players beg for Godzilla & King Kong Operator skins

Warzone Season 3 Godzilla King Kong

The news that Godzilla and King Kong could make their way to Warzone Pacific in Season 3 was met with a mixed reaction, but some players are dreaming of the opportunity to run around Caldera in monster skins.

On April 13, players were treated to a teaser trailer that provided the first look at Vanguard and Warzone Season 3. The intense cinematic showed off some brand-new weapons but more importantly, it hinted at the arrival of a serious threat.

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This enormous threat is believed to be the iconic movie monster Godzilla, which has sent Call of Duty fans in a frenzy as they imagine what it would be like to run around Caldera in monster skins.

King Kong in Warzone Caldera

Along with the trailer, the Call of Duty Twitter account posted an audio file that when deciphered reveals the statement “Monsters are real.” This lines up with rumors that Godzilla and King Kong are set to make their way to Call of Duty.

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At this point in time, we don’t know which monsters to expect and we also have no idea how these monsters will integrate into Warzone. It may be difficult to imagine that the plan is to release monster Operator skins, but this is exactly what Warzone players are hoping for.

Players are already wondering how the monsters will be incorporated into Warzone and the comments section of a post on the Warzone subreddit provides an interesting dialogue.

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Some believe that the most plausible solution is to have Godzilla or King Kong assume a similar role to Krampus, “Curious if we are gonna get bundles where the operators are the monsters themselves or if it’s gonna be like the PUBG event and you can see the monsters but not interact with them.”

It’s likely that Season 3’s monsters will play a similar thematic role but given how poorly Krampus was received, players are hoping for something different, “Bro I’d spend 40 f****** dollars if i could run around warzone as godzilla and I don’t care who hates.”

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A plethora of comments seem to agree with that statement despite the CoD community’s disdain for non-military skins, “I know how people feel about buying bundles, but we are so far past the military looking operators that if they bring out a nice looking Godzilla or Kong skin I may have to buy that bundle.”

After the community’s reaction to Vanguard and Warzone’s anime bundles, a monster bundle will only add fuel to the fire for those opposed to non-military skins. We’ll find out what’s in store for Season 3 soon enough.

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Image Credit: Activision / YouTube: Warner Bros. Pictures