Warzone players become invincible again through Loadout Drop exploit

Liam Mackay
warzone loadout drops

Warzone has had its fair share of game-breaking bugs and exploits, but now a player managed to glitch inside of a Loadout Drop and take out nearby enemies while being both invisible and invincible.

Players have found many ways to get an unfair advantage over their opponents through Warzone exploits. They’ve become invisible by accessing helicopters, gone under the map, and been able to see through walls.

Loadout Drops have also had issues in the past, with players freezing when trying to open them, and also becoming invisible by letting the crate land on top of you.


These issues have been patched, but now, one lucky player has become invincible after accidentally hiding inside of a Loadout Drop on Rebirth Island.

Loadout Drop invincibility exploit

Reddit user SyrianEiAD posted a clip to Reddit where they became invincible inside a Loadout Drop.

Our player was close to death while being shot by an enemy team, but they tried to access their Loadout Drop anyway. They somehow glitched into the Drop and though still being hit by bullets, they weren’t taking any damage.

Spared from death, they found themselves sitting inside of the crate, able to see outside of it, move, and aim their pistol. The enemy team that very nearly killed this lucky player couldn’t see them inside the box, so gave up the hunt.

SyrianEiAD bided their time and waited for one of the other players to get knocked by another team, before finishing them by shooting through the box.

Warzone Loadout Drop

Once another enemy looked like an easy kill, they chose their loadout and like a lethal jack-in-the-box, the player popped out of the Drop wielding a DMR 14.

We’re not sure what exactly had to occur for this glitch to work. The Loadout Drop was at an angle, and the player was taking damage at the same time.

The developers have been quick to address game-breaking exploits such as these, but for now, it’s probably best to steer clear of enemy Loadout Drops, as you never know when a player might be hiding in one.

Image Credit: Activision