Warzone players are using their own heads as guns with bizarre glitch

warzone pacific season 2 operator head

A bizarre Warzone bug is seeing players using their Operator’s head to take down enemies, confusing those who they manage to kill.

With Warzone 2 in the works and no sign of things improving for console players, it’s no wonder that a new bug is highlighted by players almost every day.

Despite the devs confirming that Warzone 2 will be improving on the issues Warzone has had with bugs and glitches, players are still continuing to address bizarre bugs.

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The latest glitch shows a player using his Operator’s own head to shoot enemies, which is pretty amusing.

warzone plane operators

Reddit user Meatier_Showerr highlighted this odd glitch over in the Warzone subreddit, posting a clip of them on Rebirth Island witnessing the Operator head gun bug.

It’s pretty amusing to see, as in the killcam the enemy’s weapon is covered by the Operator’s head making it look like a new weird “head gun,” which the user sarcastically says needs to be “nerfed.”

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Apparently, this bug is only present in the killcam, and the player doesn’t actually see this head covering up their gun in real-time, as one comment reads: “This is a pretty harmless bug (only affects killcams.)”

Having said that, it’s still hilarious and extremely bizarre, especially when u consider how this bug even made it into the game.

Some are continuing the sarcasm in the comments as well, stating that the player with the head gun is simply just using “the pigtails attachment,” which has the “best recoil control in the game, right?”

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Warzone players are fairly used to odd glitches, but usually, they impact the game negatively, like the recent invisibility glitch. This doesn’t actually affect gameplay, so you won’t need to be worrying about enemies putting you down with an overpowered head gun.

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Image Credits: Activision