Warzone player questions aim assist through walls

Joseph Pascoulis
warzone operator aiming weapon

A Warzone player was killed very suspiciously while playing on Caldera, questioning aim assist through “obstacles” on console.

Warzone console players aren’t exactly having the greatest experience at the moment, with a fan recently clowning the number of performance issues the game has over on Reddit.

Now, another Redditor has posted a clip showing a very suspicious kill, one that has the community questioning whether or not there is an aim assist bug that tracks players through walls and other obstacles on console.

Warzone Operators in Caldera

Aim assist is a massive topic of debate across the gaming community in general, let alone Call of Duty. Vanguard had many issues with aim assist when it was launched, which caused the feature to track enemies through walls.

Since this was brought to the dev’s attention, the mechanic was toned down, but one player may have found a similar issue in Warzone Pacific Season 1.

Reddit user TuesandT posted a clip in the Warzone subreddit showing off a clip of them dying to a console player in a particularly questionable manner.

In the clip, the enemy seems to track the player’s movement behind walls, knowing exactly where they are the whole time, keeping their reticle on point.

This has caused the player to question whether “Aim Assist through obstacles on consoles is a bug or feature.”

Others in the comments suggest that the enemy player may have also been cheating, ” Nah they cheatin’,” which perhaps Dr. Disrespect would agree with considering his opinions on the new RICOCHET anti-cheat.

On the other hand, some feel as if it is just a good sense of direction and use of audio: “Not necessarily, i can track like that through walls with a decent headset.”

It’s unclear whether or not the player was cheating or abusing a strong aim assist on console, but some other console players have chipped in by stating “it [aim assist] definitely doesn’t do what you’re showing in that clip.”

We’ll leave this one for players to debate but we’ll be sure to report any more information as it comes out. For more, check out what the devs had to say about the console performance issues.

Image Credits: Activision / Raven Software / Sledgehammer Games