Warzone player finds hilarious way to use dying to eliminate enemies

Hamza Khalid
Peak POI in Warzone

Warzone Pacific players have discovered an unusual trick that allows them to cleverly take their enemies by surprise and quickly eliminate them.

If you want to be victorious in a game of Warzone Pacific then it’s not enough to just utilize the best weapon loadouts in the game, as you’ll also need to think of clever tactics to help you overcome the opposition.

Warzone players often employ clever tricks that give them an edge over their enemies, and some have discovered a new and hilarious way to catch opponents off guard before eliminating them.

Reddit user ‘Sycamonia’ shared a clip of their gameplay in the Warzone Pacific subreddit, and it showed them using a Redeploy Balloon to reach the top of the Peak POI on the Caldera map.

While players often deploy parachutes to ensure a safe landing from great heights, they’re often at risk of being shot out of the sky during their descent. In this clip, the Redditor got around that problem by simply falling to the ground.

The fall damage enough to leave the player downed, but they then quickly used a self-revive to get back in the game. Since the player was lying on the ground, the enemy simply failed to spot them in their field of vision while aiming with a Sniper Rifle.

This gave them an element of surprise, as they were able to quickly take out the enemy that was completely unaware of their presence. The Redditor jokingly described this as a “200 IQ” strategy.

Many of the commenters also found this tactic to be quite amusing, and one player wrote: “Perfect execution, much wow.”

Some of the other commenters were convinced that what happened in the clip might have been the result of a strange glitch that prevents players from ensuring a safe landing at the Peak POI.

One user shared a similar experience when playing on this section of the Caldera map: “Genuinely think there’s a bug in the area of Peak. A few times, my parachute has failed to pull around there.”

Regardless of how this happened, the Warzone community found the events of this exchange funny, and the entire thread was filled with numerous jokes about the misfortune of the enemy player.

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Image credits: Raven Software

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