Warzone player finds game-changing tactic to clear out campers on Rebirth Island

warzone pacific rebirht island atv

A Warzone player has found an overpowered tactic for getting kills on Rebirth Island which some may want to try out when they encounter campers.

Since the Warzone Pacific Season 2 Reloaded update, Rebirth Island has become an extremely popular mode among the community. Not only are pros like FaZe Booya finding the best loadouts for Rebirth Island, but the map has become more popular than Caldera.

Rebirth Island is very different from the standard battle royale, as not only is the map much smaller, but the Resurgence aspect of the mode keeps things interesting.

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Unfortunately, this does mean you can run into many campers as players come back for their loot and sit in buildings to wait for enemies. One player has found a great tactic to counter these campers.

warzone rebirth island reinforced

Reddit user ViolentIceBear posted a clip of a new tactic they employed on Warzone’s Rebirth Island which they claim is great for clearing campers in Control Center.

Control Center is a pretty hectic POI in Rebirth Island, as it has many floors and areas for players to camp. Players can keep getting revived thanks to the Resurgence aspect of the mode and this place can become a real hotspot.

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Luckily, this player has shared a pretty hilarious tactic for getting rid of campers in this building.

As you can see, the player uses an ATV vehicle to go straight through the front doors of Control Center and up the stairs, plowing through any enemies they find. It’s not pretty, and driving this thing indoors can be a pain, but it can also be rewarding as seen in the clip.

Some in the comments are even convinced that the “devs purposely made the hallways the same exact size as the atv for this reason.”

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The player used this tactic on Rebirth Island Solos, but imagine having some friends to employ this strategy with. Multiple ATVs crashing into walls, doors, and players would definitely be a scary sight.

Having said that, we definitely don’t want to see this too much, as an ATV meta in Warzone’s Rebirth Island would be very painful to withstand, despite users in the comments appreciating the skill: “Beautiful, a masterclass.”

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Image Credits: Activision