Warzone Pacific June 30 patch notes: NZ-41 & H4 Blixen nerfs, Lootable Perks on Fortune’s Keep, more

Helicopter on Warzone Fortune's Keep map

Warzone devs Raven Software have released an update on June 30 that brings Lootable Perks to Fortune’s Keep, finally nerfs the NZ-41, and buffs some of Vanguard’s Sniper Rifles. Here are the full Warzone June 30 update patch notes.

Warzone players have been crying out for the NZ-41 to be nerfed ever since it became the most popular weapon in Season 3 Reloaded. This change has finally arrived with Season 4‘s June 30 update, which also nerfs the most popular Assault Rifle attachments, nerfs SMGs, and buffs Vanguard Snipers.

Here’s everything included in Warzone’s June 30 update patch notes.

NZ-41 assault rifle in Warzone

Major Warzone weapons nerfs: NZ-41, H4 Blixen, more

A ton of the most popular and powerful weapons have been nerfed in Warzone’s June 30 update, with nerfs to the NZ-41, H4 Blixen, Marco 5, and UGM-8 having the biggest impact.

The NZ-41 has had its torso damage and recoil control nerfed, so it should no longer be the long-range laser beam it once was. It’s not just the NZ-41 that’ll be affected by the June 30 patch though, as Lengthened Ammo, the MX Silencer, and m1941 Hand Stop have all been nerfed.

The UGM-8 was set to become meta thanks to “insane TTK,” but it seems Raven nipped that in the bud by nerfing its bullet velocity and damage. The top SMGs, the H4 Blixen and Marco 5, have also had their damage range and mobility reduced.

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It’s not all bad news for Vanguard’s Warzone guns though, as the 3-Line, Kar98k, and Type 99 have all had their bullet velocity increased.

Fortune's Keep map in Warzone Pacific Season 4

Warzone Pacific June 30 update patch notes


  • Lootable Perks have been enabled on Fortune’s Keep.


  • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue allowing Players to exploit Black Market Buy Stations to access unintended areas of the map.
  • Fixed an issue causing the F Zombie to T-pose.
  • Fixed an issue causing the UAV HUD/Tac Map sweep to not originate from the Player icon.
  • Fixed an issue with the H4 Blixen (VG) interrupt time being longer than intended when reloading while in ADS.
  • Fixed an issue causing performance drops while doing the Black Market Supply Run Contract.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Players from purchasing a Loadout at the start of a private Battle Royale match.
  • Fixed an issue causing the out-of-bounds audio and visual warning on Fortune’s Keep to remain stuck on screen when reentering the play area.


» Assault Rifles «

NZ-41 (VG)

  • Lower Torso Damage Multiplier decreased to 1.0, down from 1.1
  • Orb Weaver 360mm BC
    • Horizontal Recoil control decreased to 25%, down from 30%
    • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 30%, down from 40% 
  • 6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Mags
    • Vertical Recoil control decreased to 20%, down from 40%
    • Horizontal Recoil control decreased to 35%, down from 45%

» Light Machine Guns «

UGM-8 (VG)

  • Muzzle Velocity decreased by 4% 
  • Bernard XL214 736mm 
    • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 35%, down from 50%
  • Romuald 560mm DA 
    • Max Damage decreased to 29, down from 32
    • Upper Torso Damage Multiplier decreased by 10% 
    • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 10%, down from 35% 
    • Recoil Control now decreased by 25% after the second bullet
  • .50 BMG 50 Round Box
    • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 20%, down from 30%
  • .50 BMG 75 Round Box
    • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 20%, down from 30%
  • 6.5mm Sakura 125 Round Box
    • Muzzle Velocity decreased to -20%, down from -15%
    • Rate of Fire decreased to 4%, down from 5%
    • Recoil Control decreased to 15%, down from 20% 
    • Movement Speed scaler now 0.98 
  • .303 British 75 Round Box 
    • Damage Range increased to -15%, up from -20% 
    • Recoil Control decreased to 15%, down from 20% 

» Sniper Rifles «

3-Line Rifle (VG)

  • Muzzle Velocity increased by 4%

Kar98k (VG)

  • Muzzle Velocity increased by 4%

Type 99 (VG)

  • Muzzle Velocity increased by 4%

» Submachine Guns «

H4 Blixen (VG)

  • Max Damage Range decreased to 9.92 meters, down from 12.46 meters
  • Mid Damage Range decreased to 17.3 meters, down from 19.84 meters
  • Jönsson 9″ RMK
    • Max Damage Range decreased to 15.2 meters, down from 17.17 meters

Marco 5 (VG)

  • Hipfire Accuracy decreased when in crouch or prone position
  • Perfetto Lesto 355mm
    • Movement Speed decreased to 5%, down from 10%


» Ammunition «


  • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 8%, down from 10% 

» Muzzles «

MX Silencer

  • Muzzle Velocity decreased to 12%, down from 15%

» Under Barrels «

M1941 Handstop 

  • Recoil Control decreased to 3.5%, down from 4%

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Source: Raven Software

Image Credit: Activision