How to unlock the Katana in Warzone Pacific Caldera & Vanguard Season 1

Zackerie Fairfax
warzone pacific caldera katana melee weapon

Owning a Katana is every gamer’s dream, and now you can unlock one for free as a part of Warzone Pacific & Vanguard Season 1.

Melee weapons can be hit or miss in Call of Duty. They are either ridiculously overpowered like the Kali Sticks, or utterly useless like the Battle Axe.

Regardless, Melee in and of itself is pretty OP in Warzone. Even without a melee weapon, players can take down fully armored players with a couple of hits from the butt of their gun.

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That’s why it’s always exciting when players can unlock a new melee weapon. Regardless of how it looks, it could be a killing machine. Luckily, the new Katana will be both super cool and very deadly.

Unlock the Katana in Warzone & Vanguard Season 1

warzone caldera poi on fire

The Katana is one of five new weapons coming to Vanguard and Warzone Pacific that players can unlock for free. However, Raven Software hasn’t announced how to unlock it quite yet.

Alongside the Welgun, the Katana can be unlocked by completing a specific challenge. This challenge will likely require players to kill other players with melee weapons. Or, as was the case with the Battle Axe, a variety of weapons without dying.

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According to an official Call of Duty blog, the Katana can be unlocked later this season. The specific date of its release was not announced, but it will be around the launch window.

In addition to challenges, players can unlock the Katana by purchasing a new Store Bundle. This will allow players to skip the challenge and also get an exclusive weapon skin.

Warzone Pacific Caldera beachhead POI

Players will also be able to unlock the Sawtooth, Cooper Carbine, and Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle for free as a part of the Season 1 Battle Pass. These three weapons will give players plenty to grind while they wait for the Katana.

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For more Warzone Pacific, check out how to get the free Combat Pack in Season 1, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

Image Credits: Activision/ Raven Software