Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event: Challenges, rewards, start & end date

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Mercenaries of Fortune Event Warzone Season 4

Warzone Pacific Season 4 has brought major changes to Caldera, as well as introducing a brand-new map called Fortune’s Keep. The devs have decided to celebrate with the Mercenaries of Fortune Event, which will bring challenges and rewards to Warzone.

Season 4 of Warzone Pacific has brought a new event for players to enjoy. There’s definitely no shortage of content to discover in Warzone Season 4, but players won’t want to skip over the Mercenaries of Fortune event as valuable rewards are up for grabs.

Along with new weapons, and several map changes, Warzone players get to battle it out on the new Fortune’s Keep map. In order to get to know the map’s ins and outs, players will be able to partake in the Mercenaries of Fortune Event, so here’s what you need to know.

Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event start & end date

Gold Operator skin Warzone Season 4

The Mercenaries of Fortune event will begin on June 22 and end on July 7. Players will be able to jump straight into the new event for Warzone Season 4, with a total of two weeks from Season 4’s launch to experience it.

This new limited-time event will be great for those who are looking to get to grips with the new Fortune’s Keep map and changes to Caldera, as it features challenges for both.

Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune challenges

Mercenaries of Fortune Season 4 Warzone

According to the Season 4 blog, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a total of eight challenges that will test your Warzone skills.

The challenges will take place on Caldera and Fortune’s Keep, giving players a chance to explore the new map as well as the various changes made to Caldera.

Here are all of the eight challenges and their rewards in Warzone Season 4’s Mercenaries of Fortune event:

  • “Moneybags”
    • Challenge:
      • Collect $100,000 in gold on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward: 
      • Rare “Venomous Approval” Weapon Sticker
  • “Cutthroat”
    • Challenge: 
      • Get 50 Player kills on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward: 
      • Legendary “False Prospector” Golden Vanguard Weapon Camo.
  • “Shopping Spree”
    • Challenge: 
      • Purchase 5 items from the Black Market Station on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward: 
      • Epic “Scaled Snipe” Weapon Reticle
  • “Pocket Sand”
    • Challenge: 
      • Dig up 3 piles of buried treasure on Fortune’s Keep.
    • Reward: 
      • Epic “Nefarious Deeds” Weapon Charm
  • “Road Trip”
    • Challenge: 
      • Get 5 kills while in a vehicle.
    • Reward: 
      • Legendary “Nugget” Weapon Charm
  • “Storing Bodies”
    • Challenge: 
      • Get 25 kills in Storage Town on Caldera.
    • Reward: 
      • Rare “Death Prospector” Golden Vanguard Weapon Camo
  • “Minted”
    • Challenge: 
      • Open a Mercenary Vault in Caldera.
    • Reward: 
      • Rare “Fanged Assault” Emblem
  • “Gilded Victor”
    • Challenge: 
      • Win 1 game of Golden Plunder.
    • Reward: 
      • Legendary “Venomous Wealth” Animated Calling Card
  • Event Completionist
    • Reward: 
    • Ultra “The Vault” Golden Vehicle Customisation Skin for the Armored SUV

Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event rewards

Gold Armored SUV Warzone Season 4

As you complete the rewards you’ll unlock some shiny new items like weapon camos, a reticle, charm, emblem, sticker, and a Legendary animated Calling Card.

There’s an exclusive reward waiting for players who complete all eight challenges. Those who complete all of the Mercenaries of Fortune challenges will earn a gold skin for the Armored SUV.

This new vehicle sounds like it will be a powerful tool in Warzone Season 4, so this is your chance to ride around in style.

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Image Credit: Activision

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