Warzone leakers hint at massive event that could destroy Verdansk

Hamza Khalid
Verdansk in Warzone

A major Call of Duty: Warzone event scheduled for March 11 has been uncovered by a few leakers, and it will seemingly result in the complete destruction of Verdansk.

Warzone’s integration with Black Ops Cold War brought a ton of new weapons and modes to the battle royale, along with a brand new map known as Rebirth Island. However, this area wasn’t designed to replace Verdansk.

Players have been anticipating changes to game’s original map for months, and some new Season 2 teasers hinted that we’ll see Verdansk destroyed. Now, a few leaks have emerged that tease how this will go down.

Verdansk in Warzone

Is there a nuke event coming to Warzone?

Call of Duty leakers WarzoneNewz and ModernWarzone have revealed a major event that is set to arrive shortly after Season 2 goes live on February 25. They both posted teasers of a massive explosion in Verdansk that will happen on March 11.

Ever since secret bunkers containing nuclear bombs began appearing in Warzone, fans have been speculating about a big nuke hitting the map, and there are many different theories about how this big destructive event will begin.

One rumor is that a ship that is approaching Verdansk will explode due to the Nova 6 gas it’s carrying, and this will annihilate the original map. That could mean that Verdansk is undergoing major changes, and players will have to rotate towards a new location.


Another theory is that a zombie outbreak could be the key to the destruction of Verdansk, as the undead will be making their return to the map soon. There are machines in Warzone that ask you to “activate zombies,” and these could be a clue.

We know that after Verdansk, Warzone will shift to the Ural Mountains. This location is the map for Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam: Dirty Bomb, and was teased in the post-credits scene for the Firebase Z Easter Egg.

So far, we’ve yet to hear any official details from the Warzone devs about how this event will get started, but we can expect many more teasers and leaks as Season 2 comes closer.

Image Credits: Activision / Infinity Ward