Warzone leaker claims eight new vehicles coming soon

Liam Mackay
Eight new vehicles leaked for Warzone

Warzone leaker ZestyCODLeaks has discovered eight new vehicles in the game files, including a dune buggy and police car, that could be coming to the game soon.

With how large Warzone’s map is and how fast Cold War’s time-to-kill can be, vehicles are a fun and necessary way to navigate Verdansk. We haven’t seen any new vehicles added to Warzone since its release in 2020, other than the helicopter with a mounted mini-gun which has been removed twice because of invisibility glitches.

However, Warzone data miner and leaker ZestyCODLeaks has discovered eight new vehicles in the game files. These vehicles all have either ‘enter’ or ‘drive’ as part of their code, revealing that players can access and drive them.


These are the vehicles ZestyCODLeaks found in the game files:

  • “Enter Big Bird”
  • “Enter Police Car”
  • “Enter Box Truck”
  • “Drive Medical Transport”
  • “Enter Pickup Truck”
  • “Enter Van”
  • “Enter Personel Transport”
  • “Light FAV”

The leaker said that the “Ambulance was originally cut” and “might be released with the new vehicles.” They also questioned “is the “Technical Truck” the one from Armoured Royale or that also a new vehicle?”

The ‘Personal Transport’ vehicle will likely allow full squads to travel together in relative safety, and ZestyCODLeaks confirmed that the ‘Light FAV’ “looks to be the Dune FAV from the Cold War MP Trailer, but with a mounted MG!”


How they’ll differ from the selection of vehicles already in the game is anyone’s guess, but with the wide selection, it’s likely devs plan to make the Warzone map a more interactive space with almost every vehicle available to drive.

It has also been leaked that Verdansk will be receiving a 1980s overhaul in the near future, so it’s possible that these vehicles will arrive then.

With the leak that Cold War’s Ural Mountains map was originally designed for a canceled Blackout 2.0, a Twitter user suggested that these vehicles were intended for Blackout. ZestyCODLeaks said, “These are all from MW, so it definitely isn’t leftover. Maybe they’ll come with the Ural Mountains/Blackout Map if it does come.”

As with all leaks of this nature, there’s no guarantee they will arrive in Warzone. It is interesting to see what the devs are cooking up behind the scenes, though.

Image Credit: Activision