Warzone expert reveals Season 5’s dominant meta weapon

Warzone Operator holding UGM

Call of Duty expert WhosImmortal has revealed which Warzone Pacific weapon is dominating the meta following the changes in the Season 5 update.

The Season 5 update brought a ton of changes to Warzone Pacific, including various weapon buffs and nerfs as well as the addition of new guns like the RA 225 SMG and EX1 Energy Rifle.

These have all had a significant impact on the game’s meta, and players are wondering which guns are now dominant. Warzone expert WhosImmortal looked through all these changes and revealed the best gun in Season 5.

In his video, WhosImmortal placed all the Warzone Pacific weapons in a tier list. As a result of the Season 5 balance adjustments, the NZ-41 is not meta anymore, and the KG M40 is now at a lower spot on the list.

The top meta consists of weapons like the STG44, Marco 5, and Vargo-S, but WhosImmortal made it clear that nothing comes close to the UGM-8 LMG, which he declared “the best gun in the game.”

This fast-firing LMG is designed to create suppressing fire and push enemy positions. The UGM-8 received a slight recoil adjustment in the Season 5 update, but the Warzone expert made it clear that this didn’t hinder the weapon’s performance at all.

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WhosImmortal described it as the “number one pick by a mile” after trying it out in numerous games. He explained: “The STG is good. The Vargo is good. The XM4 and FARA are good, but then there’s the UGM which is great.”

In this video, he also brought attention to other weapons that are worth trying in Season 5. The PPSh now has better range, and the reduced damage penalty on the Nambu rounds makes it “the number one SMG.”

Guns like the Carbine Cooper, Nikita AVT, and AS44 dominate the mid-range meta, but he made it clear that UGM is the best weapon in the game overall.

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Image credits: Activision